The application of shot blasting machine in Chinese auto industry


The application of shot blasting technology can effectively improve and improve the fatigue life and corrosion resistance of automobile parts. At present, many automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers in the world have incorporated shot blasting into the standard production process. At the same time, the strengthening equipment has gradually formed a complete modern manufacturing line like other manufacturing equipment.
With the continuous development of shot blasting technology, gradually improving and improving the fatigue life of key automotive components in the field of automobile manufacturing has become the focus of people’s attention, and it has been fully considered and considered at the early stage of vehicle design. Value. At present, most of the engine parts are used in the shot blasting and shot blasting technology and process, including: crankshaft (descaling and strengthening), connecting rod (strengthening), transmission gear and other shaft parts, ring gear, piston, Sun teeth, planet teeth and leaf springs etc. A large number of auto parts, whether castings/forgings, die-castings, mechanical cuttings, or welded parts, require different types of spraying/polishing equipment for surface treatment, such as descaling, deburring, sand removal, and other surface cleaning Impurities.
There is solid data to prove that: through spraying/shot blasting, the fatigue life of the leaf spring can be extended by about 600%, the fatigue life of the transmission gear can be extended to 1500%, and the fatigue life of the crankshaft is extended by at least 900%. It can effectively improve the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of components, so that the service life and safety are greatly increased. Shot blasting machine relies on spraying/blasting technology to make parts design lighter and more compact. Some parts that have to use expensive materials due to process specifications that do not meet the standards can now be replaced with low-priced materials. Even through spraying/blasting can achieve the same Even better performance standards.
Shot blasting cleaning technology used in crankshaft manufacturing process:
As a part of the manufacturing process, the crankshaft after heat treatment needs to use shot blasting cleaning technology to remove the hot scale on the surface. The crankshaft is placed on the rotating roller. When rolling, the surface of the crankshaft is fully exposed to the projectiles ejected by multiple throwing heads. The impact of multi-angle pellets completely cleans the outer surface of the crankshaft.
The size of the crankshaft determines the type of shot blasting machine. For larger engines, the size of the crankshaft can reach φ762mm and a length of 6096mm. The crankshaft is placed between a set of rollers installed on the trolley. The customer chooses a fixed toss head according to the actual situation of his workshop, which can either let the trolley move under the toss head, or fix the trolley and move the toss head above. Regardless of the method chosen, the crankshaft placed between the rollers is constantly rotating, ensuring that all surfaces can be fully blast cleaned.
As for smaller crankshafts, such as φ152~203mm and length 914mm, they are usually blasted and cleaned using a hook type shot blasting machine. The crankshaft is hung on the hook, and then it is fed into the blasting chamber with multiple blasting heads through the rotation of the catenary for blasting cleaning. The hook rotates 360° in the shot blasting chamber, and the surface of the crankshaft is cleaned under high-speed shot flow. The cleaning speed can reach 250 pieces/h, and the cleaning effect is very good.

Post time: Jul-16-2020

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