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About Us

About Us

Your high quality steel products deserve the high quality finish, our advanced Shot Blasting System makes possible. DX Blast is engineered to handle blasting away surface contamination, rust, scale and other impurities. This blasting system leaves behind a smooth, clean surface on steel products surfaces, angles, parts or components that’s consistent with the ISO9001 standard and ready for assembly or painting. Our descaling system has a history ...
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    We usually design the size of the machine according to your working piece. So please inform us your working piece, and we could design the suitable cl...

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  • Automobile Industries

    Automobile Industries: Cleaning of springs, shaft, gear, connecting bars, wheel spares.. Cleaning after heat treatment --all types of aluminum and steel. Machines recommendation(click below for more info): Hook type shot blast machines Tumble shot bl...

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    Automobile Industries
  • Casting Industries

    Casting Industries: Shot blasting machines for ferrous and non-ferrous cast-irons. Cast-irons (disks, hubs, pumps, valves, components for earth moving machines, basement of tooling and textile machines, street furniture, oil & gas sector, shipyar...

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    Casting Industries
  • Bar & Tube Industries

    Steel Bars and Tubes: Shot Peening of Steel bars and tubes, inner and outer. Machines recommendation(click below for more info): Roller Conveyor shot blast machines Blast Rooms

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    Bar & Tube Industries
  • Steel Structural Industries

    Steel Structural Industries: Deburring of steel structure. Surface preparation & maintenance and cleaning of all external surface. Machines recommendation(click below for more info): Table machines Hook type shot blast machines Roller Conveyor sh...

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    Steel Structural Industries
  • Shipping Industries

    Shipping Industries: Cleaning of valves and instruments. Cleaning and Peening turbine blades and values. Sandblasting to remove scale and corrosion from deck and superstructure. Machines recommendation(click below for more info): Roller Conveyor shot...

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    Shipping Industries
  • Oil & Gas Industries

    Oil & Gas Industries: Shot blasting machine for cleaning oil & gas pipeline inner surfaces. Machines recommendation: Roller conveyor shot blasting machine Blasting room

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    Oil & Gas Industries
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