DX blast: Stainless steel shot abrasives join forces with Russia on a global journey of quality and innovation

Under the co-operation agreement between Russia and DX Blast, an important milestone was successfully reached today: a deal for the export of stainless steel shot abrasives. This marks a solid step forward in the deep co-operation between the two companies in the field of technology and trade.

DX Blast, as the world’s leading manufacturer of sandblasting technology and abrasives, has won the trust of customers around the world with its innovative processes and high quality products. The stainless steel shot abrasives exported this time not only have excellent grinding performance and durability, but also meet the strict quality standards and safety requirements of the Russian market.

It is learnt that this batch of abrasives will be used in the manufacturing and construction industries in Russia, which is expected to significantly improve the local production efficiency and product quality. The Russian side is confident that this co-operation will not only be an important part of the economic co-operation between the two sides, but will also help to deepen the strategic partnership between the two countries in the field of technology and industry.

The export deal not only marks DX blast’s further expansion in the international market, but also opens a new chapter in trade cooperation between Russia and China. The two sides will continue to strengthen their cooperation to jointly promote the process of economic globalisation and provide better quality products and services to customers around the world.

Post time: Jul-05-2024

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