Angle type mud discharge valve

Angle type mud discharge valve

     Angle type mud discharge valve

     Angle type mud discharge valve is characterized by the use of two-chamber diaphragm, no motion wear, long life. The main purpose is to install it outside the bottom wall of various sedimentation tanks to remove sediment and sewage from the bottom of the tanks. The utility model relates to an angle-type truncated valve, The valve is divided into two chambers by mud dragon reinforced rubber diaphragm, connected with hydraulic or pneumatic source, and controlled by electric or manual two-position four-way reversing valve to realize rapid mud discharge.


     Quick opening mud discharge valve is an angle type shut-off valve that is operated by a hydraulic or pneumatic source as the actuator. Usually installed in rows on the outer wall of the bottom of the sedimentation tank to remove sediment and dirt from the bottom.


      This valve is divided into two types: piston type and diaphragm type, each with its own characteristics. The characteristic of piston type is long service life, while the characteristic of diaphragm type is no movement wear.

      Nominal pressure0.6~1.6MPa               Nominal diameterDN50~DN600

     Applicable mediumWater                  Applicable teperature:≤80

      MaterialDuctile iron,Cast Steel              Transmission modeManual, Electric, Pneumatic

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