Our company DX BLAST has established long-term cooperative relationships with several agents in Europe

Shot blasting machine, a kind of casting equipment that utilizes the high-speed projectile thrown by the shot blasting machine to clean or strengthen the surface of castings. Through the motor-driven wheel high-speed rotation, the steel shot or other granular materials projected onto the metal surface to be treated. Under the high-speed impact and friction, surface impurities such as dirt, oxidized skin, rust, etc. are quickly removed, so that the metal surface becomes smooth, flat, and improve the surface roughness and adhesion.

Our company DX BLAST has established long-term cooperative relationships with several agents in Europe, who will be responsible for the sales and promotion of shot blasting machine head accessories.

Our agents have a good reputation and a wide customer base in mainland Europe, and have strong competitiveness in the local market.

Our agents will provide a full range of service support, including technical consulting, product distribution, after-sales service, etc., to meet the various needs of customers. 履带-2 DXQ3210

Post time: Jun-06-2024

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