PANGBORN Showcases Cutting-Edge Turbine Technology at ROSTER Booth During FABTECH Mexico 2024

In a standout display of innovation and expertise, PANGBORN, the esteemed shot blasting machine manufacturer with a century-long legacy, captivated audiences at the FABTECH Mexico 2024 exhibition. Spearheaded by TOM, a seasoned technical expert from PANGBORN, the demonstration of turbine technology proved to be a focal point at the ROSTER booth. As attendees gathered to witness firsthand the advancements in shot blasting machinery, TOM’s insightful explanations illuminated the intricacies of turbine technology, underscoring PANGBORN’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of industrial craftsmanship.

ROSTER, renowned for its dedication to excellence in manufacturing solutions, expressed gratitude for TOM’s invaluable contribution to their showcase. The collaboration between PANGBORN and ROSTER not only enriched the exhibition experience but also reinforced the shared mission of delivering unparalleled quality to customers. By offering a platform for cutting-edge demonstrations, ROSTER reaffirmed its commitment to continuous learning and advancement in the field of shot blasting technology.

Moreover, ROSTER seized the opportunity to underscore its comprehensive product portfolio, which includes branded accessories from industry leaders such as PANGBORN, WHEELBRATOR, COGIM, and more. By curating a diverse range of top-tier products, ROSTER solidified its position as a one-stop destination for premium shot blasting solutions. As FABTECH Mexico 2024 drew to a close, the collaborative efforts of PANGBORN and ROSTER left an indelible impression on attendees, setting a new standard for excellence in the manufacturing industry.


Post time: May-22-2024

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