The Shot Blasting Machine Is Mainly Composed Of 4 Parts


   ①The shot blasting machine generally uses a high-speed rotating impeller to project the projectile in a certain direction under the action of high centrifugal force. During the working process, some shot blasting machines can swing at a certain angle or move up and down.

    ② projectile collection, separation and transportation system.

    ③ The carrier that makes the casting run and turn over continuously during the cleaning process.

    ④ Dust removal system. The shot blasting machine can be divided into tumble type, roller conveyor type, rotary type, wire mesh belt type, concrete block type and hook type according to the structure of the casting carrier; according to the working system, it can be divided into intermittent type and continuous type. Tumble type and wire mesh belt type shot blasting machines are suitable for cleaning small and medium-sized castings that are not afraid of collision. The tumble type shot blasting machine relies on the spiral guide ribs in the cylinder to make the castings turn over and run forward. Rotary, roller conveyor and hook typeshot blasting machines are used to clean large and medium-sized castings, usually with a fixed shot blasting chamber, and the cleaned castings are rotated or moved in the shot blasting chamber. The shot blasting room is generally equipped with several shot blasting wheels, which are installed in different positions to project projectiles from different directions to improve the cleaning efficiency and cleaning quality. The hook type shot blasting machine can be equipped with several hooks on the catenary according to the needs of the cleaned castings. When cleaning, the castings are hung on the hooks and turn over by themselves while running forward. Castings are loaded and unloaded outside shot blasting and cleaned indoors.

Post time: Feb-28-2022

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