DXQ324 Shot Blast Machines for our Poland Client


       The DXQ324 shot blasting machine is prepared to be shipped to one of our Poland customers.

        Thanks for choosing us, and we will continue to provide high quality products at reasonable prices. 

        DXQ324 rubber tumblast shot blast machines are the ideal way to clean and finish batches

of components such as castings and small fabrications. And it is No-Pit ,easy for installation

and operation. All models are self contained and include abrasive reclaim systems, separator

and dust collector.

Tumblast machine is able to undertake the following applications:

      • Desanding and decoring of castings;

      • Descaling of castings, forgings and heat treated parts;

      • Shot peening (without process security); 

      • Deburring of plastic and rubber parts.


Post time: Feb-23-2023

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