What mistakes cannot be made during the operation of the shot blasting machine?


The requirements for table cleaning at home and abroad have been further improved, and the use of s  has become increasingly widespread. What are the inevitable operations of shot blasting equipment in the process of use?
1 . The shot blasting equipment was not able to increase the shot material in time. The shot blasting equipment mainly relied on the shot blasting device to project the steel shot to the surface of the workpiece for cleaning. The shot material is a consumable, and the operation of the shot blasting equipment is gradually reduced. The separation cycle cannot be finished, which affects the quality of shot blasting.
2. The starting sequence of the shot blasting machine is wrong, and the shot blasting equipment fails to operate according to the instruction manual, and the shot blasting machine is idling and no shot material enters.
  3. The shutdown sequence is wrong, the shot blasting equipment is closed early, the formed shot material still continues to enter the shot blasting machine, and the motor will easily be burned the next time it is turned on.
  4. The roller conveyor speed of the shot blasting equipment is too fast or too slow, and the roller conveyor can be conveyed at an adjustable speed. The user cannot adjust the speed according to the manual during the operation. Too fast or too slow will affect the shot blasting quality.
  5. The belt is slack in the raising machine, and the raising machine is equipped with a belt tensioning device, which can be used when the belt is not tight during use.

Post time: Jul-24-2020

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