What should you pay attention to before installing the shot blasting machine?

1. Every time the assembly of a part of the blast machine is completed, it must be checked according to the following items. If the assembly problem is found, it should be analyzed and processed in time.

(1). The integrity of the assembly work, check the assembly drawings, and check for missing parts.

(2). Accuracy of the installation position of the blasting machine guard, screws, impeller, etc., check the assembly drawings or the requirements described in the above specifications.

(3). The reliability of the fixed part of the connecting sleeve, whether the fastening screws meet the torque required for assembly, and whether the special fasteners meet the requirements for preventing looseness.

2. After the final assembly of the shot blasting machine is completed, the connection between the assembly parts is mainly checked, and the inspection contents are measured according to the prescribed “assembly standard for casting equipment”.

3. After the final assembly of the shot blasting machine, the iron filings, debris, dust, etc. of all parts of the machine should be cleaned to ensure that there are no obstacles in the transmission parts.

4. When the shot blasting machine is tested, carefully monitor the starting process. Immediately after the machine starts, observe the main ammeter parameters and whether the moving parts are moving normally.

5. The main working parameters include the speed of the blasting machine motor, the smoothness of the motion, the rotation of each drive shaft, temperature, vibration and noise.

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Post time: Apr-22-2019

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