What is the important transmission component of the through shot blasting machine?

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Through the safety technical requirements of the type shot blasting machine, the anchor bolts are often inspected and must not be loose, detached or broken. Check the gear unit housing daily and the heat at the bearing must not exceed the allowable temperature rise. When the temperature exceeds room temperature 40 °C, it should be checked whether the bearing is damaged, whether it is improperly installed or lack of lubricating grease, whether the load time is too long, and whether the operation is stuck or not. Check the lubrication area.

At the beginning of the use of the shot blasting machine, the lubricating oil should be replaced every three months, and the tank should be cleaned to remove the metal shavings and replaced once every six months to one year. Lubricating oil must not leak, and the amount of oil should be moderate. Hear the gear meshing sound. If the noise is too high or there is abnormal impact, it is necessary to check the shaft and gear for damage.

Check the gearbox housing and shaft with magnetic or ultrasonic flaw detection, and find that the crack of the through-type shot blasting machine should be replaced in time. The shell shall not be deformed or cracked.

Post time: Jul-22-2020

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