Unique Characteristics Of Steel Grit

Rail Steel Grit

Steel Grit  is used more and more in large and small castings, generally removing rust under oxidation and related appearance treatment. The reason why Steel Grit is widely used is its own unique characteristics. Let me  introduce the characteristics of Steel Grit here:

Moderate hardness, toughness and impact resistance, can be used repeatedly several times, long life, good rebound, strong adhesion, fast cleaning speed, low sand consumption, no breakage, high brightness of cleaning workpiece, good technical effect, treated by this product The cleanliness of metal surfaces is up to international standards.

As a tool for cleaning oxidation, it is necessary to effectively clean the rust and traces left by oxidation on the workpiece without damaging the surface and appearance of the workpiece. The tools that need to be cleaned must be moderately hard, so this alone, Steel Grit has been widely used and recognized by people, it is already a necessity and should be.

Post time: Nov-04-2019

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