Roller-conveyor shot blasting machine is the main component of integrated industry


Today’s industrial equipment often focuses on the embodiment of integration. Integration can not only save labor time, make the operation between machines and machines more integrated, reduce time loss, but also save labor and simplify the steps that originally required manual processing in the middle. And the roller conveyor shot blasting machine is one of the main components of industrial integration.

The roller conveyor  shot blasting machine is mainly composed of a preheating system, a shot blasting system and a later drying and painting system. Controlled by electricity, after the castings are sent to the roller track, the machine is preheated to keep the castings at a certain temperature, which can make the shot blasting effect more obvious. Then the castings follow the track into the shot blasting system, and the suspended centrifugal shot blasting can perform shot blasting on the castings on the track at 360 degrees without dead ends. The track above the roller table allows the casting to be fixed in one position and will not slide left and right due to the passing action. After shot blasting, the castings can be directly dried and later painted for different shapes.

The three parts of the roller conveyor shot blasting machine are often combined compactly, which has a good smoothing effect for some small castings or castings with irregular shapes, and the shot blasting machine often has a dust collector, which can be used for the shot blasting effect. After the dust is cleaned directly, the cleaning quality is very good, reflecting a higher quality working environment.

Post time: Oct-16-2020

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