Motor Fault Parameters During Shot Blasting

Here are some motor fault parameters when shot blasting:

1. Performance:
Automated sandblasting equipment motor can reliable operation, can under the conditions to complete the required function, performance is critical part.Performance indicators are usually used to show that the average free time MTBF value, which contains the basic error, return difference, death and other parameters. These parameters to a certain extent, reflects the performance of the motor or shot blasting machine.

2. Failure analysis:
1) blasting operation at the beginning
At the beginning , there are also many problems, such as the selection, design, manufacture, installation and environmental issues, etc. If the torque is too small, it might affect their regulating speed, even in the practical application of all: design did not notice the links and actuator connection is firm, falls off phenomenon; When installing the power cord and signal lines threading tube with the same root, cause interference; Reveal the influence of the stable operation of the large electrical equipment near movement; Locator location choosing insurance is too big, lead to the internal damage of choke coils. To these questions, must observe, timely detection and treatment, lest cause unnecessary loss.

2) Run mid –
at the medium-term, the overall performance of the shot peening machinery motor by shooting into the adjustment period, is more stable. There are a number of problems with the quality of individual electronic components. Such as the location of the current converter TAM2, intermediate relay K1, K2, the output torque of the micro switch, etc.

3) After blasting
After blasting, the ageing problem of parts and transmission parts wear and tear problems become very serious, such as motor coil insulation aging lower, run unstable; Reduce the lubrication motor running instability; Aging coil position locator or current transformer aging, the positioning accuracy of decline; Reduction drive part wear lead to shot blasting machine and electrical machine structure can’t adjust and so on. For these problems, should be checked regularly, in order to prevent major breakdowns. Of all the failure factors, of course, also some people in the actual operation process, in the process of plate, block the card process, such as the error in the process of reason.

For above problem, we will give some advice next week.

Post time: Jan-07-2019

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