A good helper to clean the dirt of the workpiece

Nowadays, how to effectively clean the dirt on the surface of the workpiece and promote the normal and orderly work of the workpiece has become a major problem for major mechanical parts companies. Faced with this problem, the emergence of shot blasting machines has brought many companies a pleasant surprise.
When it comes to the use of the shot blasting machine, in addition to cleaning the stubborn dirt on the surface of the workpiece, it can effectively improve their fatigue strength and corrosion resistance, and correct the twisted parts to make the parts return to normal. jobs. As an important branch of the shot blasting machine, the drum type shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of solid and non-urgical castings and forgings. At this stage, in order to quickly and effectively clean the residual impurities on the surface of the workpiece, many small heat treatment workshops use a drum type shot blasting machine with better quality and durability.
The drum type shot blasting machine composed of rollers, separators, blasting machines, hoists, geared motors and the like is not as cumbersome as other machines, but it is not difficult to clean the workpiece. In order to reduce the construction cost of the pit foundation, it specializes in the operation of the bottomless pit, with exquisite design, simple use and convenient maintenance. In order to improve the speed of cleaning the workpiece and obtain satisfactory cleaning results, the drum type throwing cleaning machine uses a cantilever centrifugal blasting machine with high ejection speed, which greatly reduces the working force of the operator.
The drum shot blasting machine has a variety of transmission methods, such as: gear transmission, belt transmission and chain transmission. The three transmission modes are cleaned separately for different usage environments. They have their own characteristics, and each process has its own advantages. It is also such convenience that the drum type shot blasting machine has successfully become a good helper for cleaning the dirt of the workpiece.

Post time: Jan-08-2019

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