What is the main process and shot blasting in shot blasting machinery?

Shot blasting machinery, which is a website product and keywords, so for us all, it is an object that needs to be familiar and understood, and below, based on this requirement, the learning work of the product is to explain the relevant knowledge. Let everyone have the learning object and learning content, and then, the shot blasting machine can be used correctly and reasonably.

1. Should the purchase of shot blasting machinery be cautious? Are there any instructions on the purchase considerations?

The purchase of products for shot blasting machinery can be said that this is an important task, which needs to be treated with caution and seriousness, because if there is a wrong choice, it will bring many adverse effects, such as causing product waste and giving the user a certain Economic loss. In terms of the purchase considerations of this product, there are some instructions. You should have a clear understanding of these instructions in order to pay attention to it during the purchase process and strictly enforce it, so that you can have accurate judgments and correct choices.

2. What is the main representative of shot blasting machinery?

The main representative of the shot blasting machine is, from a professional point of view, the machine for shot blasting machine, which can completely remove the attachments on the metal surface, such as scale and rust, and can also be hit by shot blasting. Hit to get a specific surface layer. On the blasting medium, it can be various specifications of sand, silicon carbide particles and small steel balls, etc. Which one to choose is determined by the processing requirements and the object to be shot.

3. Is the gear surface to be shot blasted? Shot blasting, what is the specific process?

From the professional point of view, the gear surface is processed after the gear meshing surface is finished, and the shot blasting process is not required. Therefore, the answer to the problem one is that no shot blasting is required, so the shot blasting is not used. mechanical. However, it requires heat treatment to ensure good performance of the gear surface.

Shot blasting, which will use some shot blasting machines or shot blasting equipment, the main representatives are various shot blasting machines, and the shot blasting process is a separate cold processing process, and the finish of the workpiece surface is changed by grinding. The same is a different process. Shot blasting by shot blasting machine or shot blasting equipment can change the microstructure of the object and change the roughness of the surface of the blasted object to achieve the desired processing effect.

Post time: Jul-10-2019

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