What are the scopes and advantages of the track shot blasting machine?


      Track shot blasting machine is now in the blasting process, for example, its steel bridge in anti-corrosion coating can not be denied, most bridges in the preservation of the first surface cleaning and roughness before spraying.

       The track shot blasting machine should consider the material’s flame resistance and oil resistance when it is used. Cement concrete can be used in the tunnel.

      Many users use the shot blasting process to process more and more bridge decks and tunnels. In concrete pavements, they can be used in waterproof paving. The shot blasting process is increasingly required to be standardized.

      For some concrete and asphalt signs on the asphalt track and markings, the track shot blasting machine will be easier to remove.

       Nowadays, on the municipal roads and in the paving of various roads in some cities, the shot blasting machine can be used for cleaning. When removing the road surface, they can pull the busy intersection through the marking line, which can improve the rough rubbing of the road surface. Degree and coefficient of friction.


Post time: Jul-04-2019
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