The Surface Polishing & Abrasive Materials & Shot Blasting Exhibition

Event: The Surface Polishing & Abrasive Materials & Shot Blasting Exhibition
Exhibition Date: April 22-24, 2019
Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
Address: No.88 Caobao Road, Shanghai
Organization Unit
Lizhan Huayang International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Dafeng City Shot Blasting Machine Chamber of Commerce
China Surface Engineering Industry Association
Shanghai Saimao Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Lizhan Huayang International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Support Units
Shanghai Society for Advanced Materials Hardfacing Technology Industry Branch
China Foundry Association
Shanghai Society for Advanced Materials Powder Metallurgy Branch
The Chinese Society of Rare Earths Casting Alloy Specialized Committee
East China Foundry Association
Shanghai Automotive Trade Association Automobile Foundry Branch
China Steel Association Powder Metallurgy Association Hardfacing Technology Specialized Committee
China Surface Engineering Association Painting Branch


Exhibition Introduction
The Shanghai International Surface Polishing and Abrasive Materials and Shot Blasting Exhibition (SE China) was started in 2009 and is held every year in Shanghai. SE China is committed to promoting exchanges and developments among domestic and foreign industries specializing in surface shot blasting equipment and the polishing and abrasive materials. We devote ourselves to the cooperation between suppliers and users in abrasive blasting and shot blasting equipment and materials, providing a powerful communication platform for global abrasive blasting and shot blasting equipment and materials manufacturers with image display, brand promotion and marketing. As a win-win event for suppliers and purchasers, The SE China is one of the most important exhibitions in the abrasive blasting and shot blasting industries in China and around the world.

Enormous Market Demand
At present, China’s polishing industry has an annual output value of 300 billion yuan, ranking fourth in the world. So to speak, the polishing industry has made tremendous contributions to the improvement of China’s gross industrial production. As a kind of processing technology, the shot blasting technology has been more and more widely used. It has emerged from the casting field and penetrated into all walks of life. The market and application range of the shot blasting equipment is getting larger and wider. With the development of modern technology and industry, the application field of shot blasting technology is still expanding, with huge market demand.

★ All kinds of shot blasting cleaning, strengthening equipment, CNC shot blasting equipment, robot numerical control shot blasting equipment, laser shot blasting, etc.
★ All kinds of shot blasting abrasive materials: stainless steel shots, cast steel shots, steel grits, aluminum shots, zinc shots, copper shots, silicon carbide, ceramic shots, glass shots, plastic grits, abrasive shots, white corundum, copper ore grits, quartz sand, carborundum, nylon shots and various alloy powders.

★ All kinds of wear-resistant castings: guard plates, blast wheels, vanes, shot separating impellers, blast wheel impellers, etc.
★ Blasting rooms, blasting guns, blasting pipes, sand pipes, nozzles, draught fans, pumps, air pipes, all kinds of parts and components for abrasive blasting and shot blasting, shot blasting protective suit, shot blasting gloves, shot blasting helmet and other related labor protection products;
★ Shot blasting surface treatment and other surface treatments
Consultancy services and other services, related publications and networks.

★ Materials: polishing slurry, polishing wax, polishing wheels, grinding liquid, cleaning solutions, brighteners, protective agents, anti-rust liquid, alumina, chrome oxide, polishing powder, polishing paste, grinding stone, etc.

★ Equipment: polishing robots, grinding millers, polishing machines, deburring machines, grinding machines, levigators, dry mills, full-automatic polishing machines, single and double-sided automatic polishing machines, mirror automatic polishing machines, polishing machine series, sand blasting machine series, dust collector series, laminator series, automatic pipe throwing machines, grinding polishing and polishing equipment and other polishing machinery.

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