The Installation Angle of Blasting Device is Important to Product Quality

The installation angle of blasting device is very important to product quality. If the angle adjustment is not good, then it can not achieve the effect of cleaning, but also destroyed the casting.

Shot blasting machine projection azimuth angle must be adjusted in time, shot blasting machine provides a special provision, you can freely control its direction in the range. After the cast, it will be in the top of the metal plate, see the point of the left or right is not in the corner or 90 degrees angle in the middle is the best, should be adjusted when over this range. As long as the angle adjustment of the rationality can be appropriate to improve the speed of the projectile, so that shot blasting machine running smoothly, to achieve optimal mechanical performance. If the adjustment is completed, it will deviate from the distance and angle of the fastener of the swing arm until the optimum angle.

Shot blasting machine structure is very complex, it belongs to the mechanical equipment self-mutilation, it will be subject to varying degrees of damage when working. A clear understanding of its characteristics can be used to specifically relate the program. First of all, it is a need for regular maintenance, by some parts to be replaced regularly, do the above, it can continue to live, or its life will be greatly reduced.

Blasting device is an important part of shot blasting machine, the position is right or not directly affect the normal work of shot blasting machine.

In the shot blasting regulation, should pay attention to the location of the directional blasting in the workpiece, so that the projectile projection full coverage, otherwise it will affect the cleaning efficiency.

Directional window position, if necessary, can be painted with black ink or laying a piece of paper with a thick , placed in the cleaning of the work piece position, start the blasting device and artificial shot blasting equipment into the pills into a small amount of projectile, If the blood positioning error should be adjusted to obtain the desired position. Good direction adjustment can be used for load testing, 30 minutes after the explosion, then add 400kg projectile. 11

Post time: Jan-07-2019

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