The blasting machine guard should be replaced in time



      The blasting machine is the most important part of the shot blasting machine. The blasting machine consists of motor, top guard plate, side plate, end guard plate, fixed seat, sand blocking plate, main shaft, combined disc, blade, impeller, directional sleeve, and sub-diver. Pill wheels, bearings, etc.

       The blasting machine wear-resistant guard plate plays the role of protecting the cover. Once the blaster guard is crushed and the shot blasting machine repairer does not replace the guard in time, the blaster cover will be quickly penetrated. , causing the shot blasting steel sand to fly, the damage caused to the blasting machine cover is irreparable. In this case, the blasting machine can only be stopped immediately, the blasting machine can be overhauled, and the casing replaced. If the damage is serious. In this case, the entire blast machine must be replaced, thereby increasing the cost, and it can be seen that the wear plate of the blast machine should be replaced in time.

Post time: Jun-11-2019
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