Special services of catenary shot blasting machine

1. Design and manufacture non-standard shot blasting machine foundation for customers.

2. According to the different workpieces of the customer, the special shot blasting equipment of the shot blasting machine is made.

3. Recruit the shot blasting machine operator for the customer.

4. Custom-made catenary shot blasting machine bearing jacket, dust cover for electrical control cabinet, etc.

5. Lift the plc password of the various shot blasting machines for customers.

6. Measure and draw wear parts of different shot blasting machine manufacturers.

7. Customized wear-resistant parts for shot blasting machines of various thicknesses for customers.

8. Retrofit the dust removal equipment of catenary shot blasting machine. Cooperate with environmental protection acceptance.

9. Agent imports the entire shot blasting line and accessories.

10. Our company has the ability to contract the shot blasting project of the client unit and the long-term maintenance of the shot blasting machine.


Post time: Jul-15-2020

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