Roller Convey Shot Blasting Machine

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    Roller convey shot blasting machine is usually called steel plate shot blasting machine. 
It adopts double-layer wear-resistant manganese steel guard plate, which is locked by 
high-wear-resistant nut. There is a double-opening inspection door on the opposite side, 
which facilitates the maintenance and maintenance of the shot blasting room and the guard 
plate Replacement, greatly improving maintainability. The conveying track adopts dozens of rollers, 
and the sprocket chain drives the rollers to convey. The transmission is stable. All linkage 
mechanisms have protection devices and warning signs. The compact and closed design of the shot 
blasting chamber ensures no shot splatter.Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is a multi-functional 
steel pretreatment line for cleaning weldedstructural parts, H steel, section steel, wire frame, 
and steel plate. The shot blasting machine is arranged in multiple angles. The advanced unit disk blade 
high-efficiency shot blasting machine is selected to project high-speed and dense projectile beams. 
It strikes all parts of the steel in the original state and performs three-dimensional and comprehensive 
cleaning. The rust layer, welding slag, oxide scale and dirt on each surface are quickly peeled off to obtain a 
smooth surface with a certain roughness, which improves the adhesion between the paint film and the steel surface, 
and improves the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel. Improved the inherent quality of 
steel and prolonged its service life. Roller pass type shot blasting machine structure: The main functional 
components of the steel plate shot blasting machine are the cleaning room, the indoor conveying roller table 
and the feeding and discharging conveying roller table, the shot blasting device, and the projectile 
circulation system (including the elevator, the separator, the vertical and horizontal spiral conveyor 
And the projectile recovery mechanism and pill supply pipe) purge mechanism, dust removal, 
electrical control and other components.

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