Reasons for leakage of shot peening equipment and adjustment of shot peening


Shot blasting machine always has a leak. What is the specific reason? How to adjust the shot blasting of shot blasting equipment? In addition, there are other problems associated with shot peening equipment. We will give specific examples below and give specific answers so that everyone can thoroughly study all aspects so that they can master them well.

1. Shot blasting equipment always has a leak. What is the specific reason?

For the leakage phenomenon of shot blasting equipment, if it is analyzed and summarized for specific reasons, there are mainly:

Reason one: A part of the steel shot is taken out due to the shape of the workpiece. Alternatively, when the shot is completed, some of the steel shots fall to the ground or remain on the workpiece when the workpiece is suspended. If it is not cleaned in time, it will accumulate more and may bring the next process.

Reason 2: After the sandblasting equipment is used for a long time, the sealing performance is degraded and the sealing effect is deteriorated. Then, in some parts, steel shots will appear.

Reason three: The top of the blast chamber in the shot blasting equipment is not completely sealed.          Therefore, when the steel shot hits the surface of the workpiece, it may fly out due to the rebound effect, resulting in leakage.

2. How to adjust the shot blasting of shot blasting equipment?

In order to adjust the shot peening amount of the shot blasting apparatus, the number of blasting machines can be turned on while adjusting, and at the same time, it is checked whether the number of steel shots is sufficient. If there is a corresponding valve on the device, the flow can be adjusted. If you have a control button, you can.

3. Which shot blasting equipment is suitable for wind towers?

In wind power towers, hanging shot blasting equipment is usually used for cleaning work because it can have a good cleaning effect. Moreover, it is transported by a contact network. During the cleaning process, it is usually closed in the blasting chamber to avoid problems.

Post time: Jul-29-2019

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