Maintenance Precautions For Bearing Room Of Hook Shot Blasting Machine

The hook shot blasting machine is subject to vibration and various other forces during normal production and operation, and will wear in the bearing cavity. Let us explain the maintenance precautions of the bearing room of the hook shot blasting machine.

To clean the bearing, do not roll it to the cleaning point to prevent foreign matter from entering. Generally, the cleaners used sometimes use warm alkaline solutions or neutral non-aqueous diesel or kerosene cleaners. No matter which detergent you use, keep it clean every day.

Conventional methods can be used for surface treatment, thermal spraying, brushing, etc., but these methods have some disadvantages. For example, the thermal stress due to the high temperature of the repair welding cannot be completely eliminated, and the raw materials may be damaged, causing the component to crack or bend. Brush plating is limited by the thickness of the coating and is prone to fall off. Both methods use metal to repair metal and do not change the “tough” partnership.

The hook shot blasting machine will wear again under every force. Our company has adopted a polymer composite repair method for the above problems to prevent the possibility of re-wearing.

Post time: Jul-15-2020

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