Influencing factors of shot blasting mechanical strength and whether the blade is a wearing part

1. What is the specific definition of strength and shot peening in shot blasting machinery?
The strength and shot peening in shot blasting machines are defined by:
Strength: In mechanics, the ability of a material to resist damage under external forces, such as resistance to deformation or fracture, is called strength. Moreover, this performance is one of the basic requirements that mechanical components must meet and satisfy.
Shot peening: shot peening, which is a surface strengthening process widely used in shot blasting machines. It has the advantages of simple equipment, convenient operation and no limitation on the shape and position of the workpiece. Its purpose is to improve the mechanical strength of the parts, as well as their wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, as well as to eliminate residual stress in the parts.

2. Factors affecting the mechanical strength of shot blasting The strength of the shot blasting machine, which has some influencing factors, is: Shot blasting size: Generally, the larger the shot blasting, the larger the impact kinetic energy, and the greater the blasting strength, but the coverage of shot blasting will decrease. Therefore, while the shot blasting strength can be ensured, the smaller size shot blasting can be used as much as possible. However, it is necessary to look at the shape of the part to be restricted. Shot blasting hardness: If the hardness of the shot blasting is higher than the hardness of the part, the hardness value changes so that the shot blasting strength is not affected. On the contrary, the blasting hardness is lower than the hardness of the part, and the blasting hardness is lowered, the blasting strength is lowered. Shot blasting speed: increasing the speed of shot blasting will increase the shot blasting strength, but at the same time, it may increase the amount of blasting damage. Therefore, we should find a balance between the two to have a suitable shot blasting speed and Good shot blasting effect.
3. In the shot blasting machine, is the blade a wearing part?
In the shot blasting machine, the blade is a consumable part, and it is also an important part. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to and take care of the blade carefully to ensure the normal use of the shot blasting machine and the good use effect. In terms of specific maintenance, it is necessary to use it correctly and in a standardized manner, and on the blade material, a high wear-resistant material should be used, so that the service life of the blade can be ensured.

Post time: Jan-08-2019

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