Identification And Maintenance Of The Quality Of Shot Blasting Machine Spare Parts


The quality of the accessories of the shot blasting machine directly affects the working efficiency and service life of the shot blasting machine. Its accessories mainly include shot blasting machine guards, blasting machine end guards, side guards, top guards, blades, impellers, directional sleeves, splitting rounds, throwing head shells, pulleys, impeller spindles, etc.
First, there are four ways to distinguish the quality of shot blasting machine parts:
1. First observe the shape of the product to see if its appearance is fine and the color is normal. If you have a pure sample of the shot blasting machine accessories, you can check it with it. The general imitation surface is rough and the color is not correct.
2, You can check the mark on the accessories of the shot blasting machine. If the parts imported purely will be printed with the part number, brand mark and specific code, etc., some products will also be inscribed with information such as the place of origin;
3, Can use special measurement tools for product analysis and comparison;
4. Check whether the casting meets the requirements of quenching, whether there is crack, whether the blade is smooth when the blade is rotated, and whether the angle of the inlet sleeve reaches the required angle.
Second, the routine maintenance of shot blasting machine parts
1. Check if the screw of the shot blasting machine is tightened before use;
2. Check if any debris falls into the machine. If it should be removed in time, avoid blocking the various conveying links and cause equipment failure.
3. Each class should be inspected twice before the operation of the shot blasting machine to check the wear of the wearing parts such as blades, guards, impellers, directional sleeves, rubber curtains, rollers, etc., and timely replacement;
4. Check whether the coordination of the moving parts of each electrical appliance is smooth, and whether the bolt connection is loose or not, and tighten it in time;
5. Regularly inspect the oil injection point of the shot blasting machine equipment to check whether the oil filling of each part meets the requirements.


Post time: Jul-26-2021

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