How To Choose Steel Shot Blasting Machine


Improper selection of steel shots can affect the normal operation of the shot blasting machine and may cause machine failure.

Steel shot blasting machine, commonly used are steel wire cutting pill, alloy pill, cast steel pill, iron pill and so on.

Customers who use shot blasting machines want to find suitable steel shots. Choosing good quality steel shots can not only improve the service life of shot blasting machines and their wearing parts, but also improve the surface quality of the products. In general, choose steel shots. The type and size of the main thing is to look at the cleaned parts.

Non-ferrous metals generally use aluminum pellets or stainless steel pellets:

Ordinary steel and its welded parts, castings, steel and other steel products;

The larger the diameter of the steel shot, the higher the surface roughness after cleaning, but the higher the cleaning efficiency;

The irregular steel wire or steel wire cutting efficiency of the irregular switch is higher than that of the spherical ball, but the surface roughness is also high;

The highly efficient projectiles wear out the equipment quickly (relatively), but only by the time of use, but it is not too fast compared to the production efficiency.

a) The hardness is proportional to the cleaning speed, but inversely proportional to the life. Therefore, the hardness is high, the cleaning speed is fast, but the short life is large, so the hardness should be moderate (about HRC40-50 is appropriate).

b) Moderate hardness, excellent rebound, so that steel shots can reach every part of the cleaning room, reducing processing time.

c) Internal defects such as blowhole cracks and shrinkage holes in the projectile can affect their life and increase consumption.

d) Internal densities tend to be minimal when the density is greater than 7.4 kg/cc.

Post time: Nov-25-2019

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