Automatic Loading and Unloading Shot Blasting Machine

Automatic loading and unloading shot blasting machine adopts straight league centrifugal blast device Q034II with large blast volume, high power, high mass ejection speed. Automatic shot blasting machine layout of 3 d dynamic simulation through the computer, all the processing workpiece cross section can be to direct the projectile. To make the rust layer on the surface of the workpiece, welding slag, scale and other attached objects falls off quickly, to obtain a certain roughness is bright and clean surface, improve the adhesion of paint film and steel surface and the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of steel, strength the inner quality of steel and prolong its service life.

Automatic loading– into the blast chamber — closed — shot blasting machine start — workpiece roll — pill material door open — blast rolling workpiece — pill material door closed — door open — the workpiece out of the shot blasting chamber — discharge can simultaneously pill material circulation. This equipment is mainly used for casting, forging and parts of blasting. Easy operation, high degree of automation, reducing the labor intensity of workers, improve the production efficiency at the same time. Can also improve the internal stress of workpiece, achieve the purpose of strengthening and improving the fatigue strength of the workpiece.

The arrangement of blasting chambers and blasting device have been after the computer three-dimensional dynamic simulation of mass ejection, the throw of the projectile flow coverage accurate cover surface, the projectile from the work piece in all directions at the same time . It’s suitable for various industries of small-sized castings, forgings, stamping, the gear, spring and other parts of deoxidization, derusting, descaling and surface strengthening. Before starting, the control rooms operator must inform the staff to prepare. Control rooms and site operation personnel must concentrate in the work, careful operation, can not leave work. In the area of the shot blast cleaning, must be absolutely keep the floor clean, must not have pill material existence, in order to avoid hurt people slipping. 12

Post time: Jan-07-2019

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