What are the parts that are often replaced for roller conveyor shot blasting machines?


    General shot blasting machine is a kind of self-destructive equipment. Steel shot is a kind of damage to the equipment itself while hitting the workpiece. The vulnerable parts of general roller conveyor shot blasting machine are as follows:

    1.The inner guard plate of the shot blasting machine, the directional sleeve of the inner blade of the shot blasting machine, the blasting wheel, the impeller, the top guard plate, the side guard plate, the end guard plate, the sand funnel, the press ring, the gland, the fasteners, etc.

    2. Shot blasting machine crawler, the crawler is also hit by the steel shot, so it is also a vulnerable part.

    3. Protective plates, fasteners, etc. in the shot blasting chamber.

    4. Dust collector accessories, dust bag, rapping mechanism, etc.

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Post time: Nov-02-2020

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