Track Type Shot Blasting Machine With High Production Efficiency

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    The operation rules of the crawler type shot blasting machine are as follows: before the application of the shot blasting machine, it is necessary to do the necessary smooth work so that the equipment can perform the labor normally. Perform the necessary inspections on the various operating parts of the equipment, and If it is special, it should be handled quickly to avoid damage to the equipment.

    The limit switch of the shot blasting machine should be tested to be sensitive and reliable. If there is any problem, it should be handled quickly. When the machine door is closed, it is strictly forbidden to reverse the ignition track. The feeding and unloading of the shot blasting machine should be safely operated. Wait until the shot blasting machine is fully cut off before you can open the finishing door. The inspection of the shot blasting machine should be carried out under the condition of power failure.

    The track type shot blasting machine is a high-strength wear-resistant rubber track or manganese steel track loaded workpiece. Generally, the high-speed rotating impeller is used to throw the projectile onto the workpiece in the chamber body to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It is suitable for a wide range. For example, for sand casting, rust removal, scale removal and surface strengthening of small castings, forgings, stampings, gears, springs, etc., it is especially suitable for the cleaning and strengthening of parts that are afraid of collision.

    The strength of the crawler shot blasting machine is inseparable from the advantages of its various components. The whole machine uses a very strong component. It uses a cantilever centrifugal blasting machine. The life of the machine is greatly increased, and the structure of the machine is also very simple. In addition, a pulley is used. This structure utilizes good technology, greatly increases the working efficiency of the crawler shot blasting machine and reduces the labor.

    The primary advantage of a machine being selected for use is its performance. Tracked shot blasting machines have a strong performance advantage. Because these machines combine domestic and foreign technology, they are a good cleaning machine. And he not only has these, his noise aspect is structurally superior, low noise, compact structure, so it is used in large and medium batch production, crawler shot blasting machine as rust and reinforcement Shot blasting.

Post time: Jun-15-2020

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