Roller shot blasting machine

Roller shot blasting machine is also a relatively common mechanical equipment, so what problems should you pay attention to when using it?


1. It is easy to see debris on the screen of the sand separator, so it is necessary to check and clean it from time to time. If you find that the screen has obvious wear and tear, it should be replaced in time.

2. There are often some bullets scattered around the equipment, and they need to be cleaned frequently to prevent someone from falling and being injured because of carelessness.

3. The foot nut of the chamber body also needs to be checked frequently. If it is found to be loose, it should be fastened for reinforcement.

4. The blades of the blasting machine, the splitting wheel and the directional sleeve should also be inspected frequently. If there is wear, it should be replaced in time.

5. The wear of the indoor protection board should also be observed frequently. If it is found to have serious wear or rupture, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

6. Whether the belt is loose or has a deviation, if there is a situation, it needs to be adjusted and reinforced.

7. Lubricants should be cleaned in time, and they must be replaced in time for the specified replacement time. In order to avoid large wear and tear on the parts.

Troubleshooting method

1, the number of steel shots is not enough. Treatment: increase the appropriate amount of steel shots

2.The angle of the shot blasting gate is not correct. Treatment method: Adjust the position of the blasting gate and the position of the window so that it can be projected under the door cover, about one-third of the position of the door cover.

3, the drum does not work Treatment: check the loading of the workpiece, can not exceed the weight of the equipment approved. Check if there is any foreign matter stuck in the drum in the drum type shot blasting machine.

4, the drum is not correct. Treatment method: adjust the top bearing of the roller bearing, how to make the roller of the shot blasting machine in the correct position.



Post time: May-13-2019
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