5 Small Points Of The Angle Of The Shot Blasting Machine

      Five small points of the angle of the shot blasting machine. I believe that everyone will encounter some small problems when using the shot blasting machine to clean up the operation. We will continue to give you some knowledge about the use of shot blasting machines. Today, Let me talk about a few small points of knowledge about the angle of the shot blasting machine.

      1. Place a steel plate with a slight rust or marking paint on the shot blaster area.

      2. Start the blast machine and accelerate the motor to the appropriate speed.

      3. Open the shot blasting gate with the control valve (manual). After about 5 seconds, the pellets are sent to the impeller, and the metal rust on the slightly rusted steel plate is removed.

     4. Determine the position of the projectile. Use a 19MM adjustable wrench to loosen the three hex bolts on the platen until the directional sleeve can be rotated by hand, and then tighten the directional sleeve.

    5. Prepare a new projectile map to verify the best settings.



Post time: Apr-30-2019
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