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Steel Pipe Outer Wall Shot Blasting Machine

Steel Pipe Outer Wall Shot Blasting Machines are used in different fields such as steel structure works, pipes, profiles and plates which with continuous shot blasting capability and a motorized rolls conveyor.

steel pipe inner wall shot blasting machine china
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    DX- RCBM-12
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    In 35-50 days
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    T/T, L/C
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1. Compact design, simple operating principle.

2. Excellent blast performance.

3. Great service life.

4. Tough, hard wearing, manganese clast cabinet.


1. Structural Steel.

2. Mill Scale Removal.

3. Profiling.

4. Paint Preparation.

steel pipe shot blasting machine

These Type of Machines consist of under mentioned Parts:

1. Main Blast Cabinet with inspection Door.

2. Blast Wheel Units with Drive Mechanism.

3. Abrasive circulation unit.

4. Bucket Elevator unit.

5. Abrasive Separation/Cleaning system with Storage Hopper.

6. Dust Collector with Cleaning Mechanism.

7. Roller Conveyor system at Inlet & Outlet Side.

8. Control Panel with Siemens Brand PLC Control System

Technical Parameters:

 Size of Chamber  

1. width :     1400mm

 height :     1400mm

2. The Roller Conveying System

working speed :        1.0-5m/min

reducer power :        3kw

distance with each roller:  6000mm x 2

3. Blast Nozzles(6 sets)

model:                  Q034II

rotating speed:            8--70mm/s

max.volume for blasting:   6×250kg/min

power :                  6 x 15kw

4. Quality Grade

surface quality  :          Sa2-Sa2.5(GB8923-88)

surface roughness :         15~50um(GB1031-83)

 Equipment Noise(area) Operation      ≤95dB

If you’re interested in our style machine, welcome to contact us to get more detailed info.

blast wheel


1. The max. Length/Width/Height of the work pieces.

2. The productivity you need to blasting the work pieces ( how many tons or pieces per day or per month?).

3. The power supply you need( such as 380V, 3P, 50HZ).  

4. The work pieces photo or drawing is better.

Based on this question, the detailed technical proposals will be sent to you for reference.

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