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  • Post time: 05-17-2023

                Metalloobrabotka is the largest in Eastern Europe and the CIS trade show of global machine tool industry and state-of-the-art metalworking technology.It brings together leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers from around the world since 1984. Today, Metalloobrabotka ra...Preberi več »

  • Post time: 02-23-2023

                   The DXQ324 shot blasting machine is prepared to be shipped to one of our Poland customers.         Thanks for choosing us, and we will continue to provide high quality products at reasonable prices.          DXQ324 rubber tumblast shot blast machines are the ideal way to clean and ...Preberi več »

  • Post time: 10-24-2022

    Preberi več »

  • Post time: 12-31-2021

    Dear Friends, We hope everything goes well with you. The holidays are coming soon and we would like to take this chance to send greetings to you: Hope that 2022 can be a remarkable year to you and Happy New Year! Wish you and your family happiness and prosperity in 2022 with good cheer and succes...Preberi več »

  • Post time: 12-31-2021

         Before the New Year holiday, Our Wire Mesh Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine is ready for shipment, to our fasterner, bolt & nut customer in USA. perfect ending this year.      Thank you for the customers’ trust all the time. We will take practical action to provide the best quality...Preberi več »

  • Post tempus, 07-15-2020

    Sub inspiratione est iecit in hamo apparatus ut alius copias durante normalis productio et operatio variis et tremor, et adferentem in cavum gerunt. Venite ad cautiones explicare sustentationem afferentem locus apparatus vento urente, et in hamo iaculat. Ad quod portantes emundare, et non volvunt ad th ...Preberi več »

  • Post tempus, 07-15-2020

    1. essedo fabricando non-vexillum fundamenta iecit inspiratione apparatus ut mos. 2. Secundum ex diversis workpieces elit in speciali inspiratione offa offa in vento urente, apparatu est apparatus fecerunt. 3. iecit vento urente, et socius operator apparatus ut mos. 4. Custom facta ...Preberi več »

  • Post tempus, 07-15-2020

    In interiorem murum ferro tibia ratio in murum interiorem ab inspiratione de ferro tibia canentium iecit apparatus aliquantum difficile est tamen ut comparari ad parietem. Nulla commodo dictum exterioris muri quantum ad effectum non dictum murum. Th ...Preberi več »

  • Post tempus, 07-15-2020

    Oleum iactaret ictibus exactis occidentes ferro et aere trahuntque siccas machinae necesse est, cum ea ratione curatae fuerint iecit et vento urente, apparatus, aliter ad effectus curatio potest in directe affectus. 1. workpiece membrana dignitatis, prior curatio conjunctio, iecit inspiratione possit removere omne scale lutum sicut superficies in workpiece, et in ipso constituere ...Preberi več »

  • Post tempus, 03-07-2019

    Carissimi omnem spem bene tecum agitur. Ecce venient dies festos et mox, ut vellem hoc casu magnopere gratulor. Bonitas autem vos volo MMXIX! Beatus es, et anni tui ~ velit beatitudinem et felicitatem in familia MMXIX Forti animo esto, et cum victoria. Gratias tibi...Preberi več »

  • Post tempus, 01-08-2019

    x-sonum Per multos annos consilio, investigationis et progressionem, potest fabricabimus, et conpleamus ea quae late range of machinis inspiratione in occursum omnis elit 'requisita. Nos hanc potestatem, ut scribis, habes iaculat pro agente vento urente, et in elit machinis si tempus, placere reddere vis ...Preberi več »

  • Post tempus, 01-07-2019

    Apparatus inspiratione elit navem paravit auto iacula Preberi več »

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