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Casting Industries


Casting Industries:

Shot blasting machines for ferrous and non-ferrous cast-irons.

Cast-irons (disks, hubs, pumps, valves, components for earth moving machines, basement of tooling and textile machines, street furniture, oil & gas sector, shipyard and railway sectors, etc.)

Steel castings (automotive sector, agricultural, military and shipyard machines, machines for earth movements, etc.)

Brass castings (taps and fittings, valves, hydro-thermo-sanitary components).

Aluminium castings (Aluminium gravity shell castings, wheels, automotive sector, etc.)

Bronze castings

Copper castings

Machines recommendation(click below for more info):

Hook type shot blast machines

Tumble shot blast machines

Wire Mesh Belt conveyor shot blast machines

Table machines

Casting of Surface Polishing