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There is a narrowing between China's machinery equipment manufacturing and Germany's

  • February 5,2018.

According to the latest statistics released by the German machinery and equipment manufacturers association, the world's machinery and equipment production rose by 10 per cent in real terms to 1100bn ...

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Working Principle of Shot Blasting Machine-2

  • January 25,2018.

1) Turntable shot blasting machine Turntable shot blasting machine is mainly composed of Chambers, turntable, transmission system, separator, hoist, losing pill device, shot blasting machine parts, su...

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The function and working principle of shot blasting machine

  • January 21,2018.

What’s the function of shot blasting machine? 1. Remove the rust layer, welding slag and oxide skin on the surface to obtain uniform metallic luster. 2. The effect of a certain degree of uneven surfac...

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Two Main Factors Worth Considering when Purchasing Shot Blasting Machines

  • January 21,2018.

Based on extensive applications, there are various kinds of shot blasting machines on the current market. roller conveyor shot blasting machines, hook shot blasting machines and Table shot blasting ma...

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The origin and development history of shot blasting, peening and blasting cleaning

  • December 25,2017.

Basic concept of shot blasting: Wheel blasting(shot blasting): using high-speed rotating wheel and blade drive abrasive, abrasive with high-speed from the shot blasting machine impact on the surface o...

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How to buy a shot blasting machine

  • December 14,2017.

To buy the shot blasting machine should ensure the quality of the equipment. There is no uniform standard at present, but good horses are not afraid of being ridden, and good equipment can be found in...

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Working principle of table shot blasting machine for steel structure and casting

  • December 7,2017.

The function of the shot blasting machine is to remove the the rust layer,  the welding slag and the oxide skin of steel structure & the casting surface,  so as to obtain uniform metalli...

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How to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency Via Shot Blasting

  • November 24,2017.

As the earliest thermal processing technology, casting has become one of the most important basic technologies in the modern manufacturing industry. With the progress of science and technology and the...

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It's important to control of shots size & cleaning time

  • November 2,2017.

Selecting the steel shot size, it is possible to select the larger size to improve the cleaning efficiency. It’s best to use graded steel shots. Graded steel shot by around 50% of the nominal size of ...

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